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Skytrak VS Mevo Plus

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus – Today we’re going to do a little head-to-head comparison with the Skytrak and the Mevo Plus. Let’s get after it. All right, so rolling right into it with Skytrak advantages. Number one, we’re gonna go with the battery life that thing has 6 to 8 hours battery plug it in overnight you can play lots of golf with it the next day. It’s fantastic. Number two, putting in the short game, says most launch monitors struggle with putting in the short game a little bit. But Skytrak definitely has an advantage in that game.

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus

Number three, History. Skytrak has been around since 2014, has a long history. I know people have had them for 5+ years. They still work. They’ve got a great history to them. Number four, space requirements. So, as long as you have enough room to swing, you have enough room to use a Skytrak. It makes great for some of the smaller packages that we have as well. Number five, no worries about interference. So, you don’t have to worry too much about ceiling fans and that kind of stuff as long as the sun is not shining directly into the lens. It’ll work just fine. And then number six, no dots on the ball. Turn that logo off the ball towards the Skytrak, you’re good to go.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak Launch Monitor
SkyTrak Launch Monitor
Price: $2,199.99 $1,995.00
The SkyTrak is among the most accurate launch monitors available to everyday golfers. Head to head studies shows SkyTrak is 98% as accurate as the Trackman, at a fraction of the cost.


All right, so rolling with the Mevo Plus advantages. We’re gonna start with righty lefty capability. So, you don’t have to move the launch monitor, you keep it in the same place as long as you’re hitting the ball from the same place, you’re good to go. You just have to change the designation on the software. Number two, outside outdoor capabilities. The Mevo Plus is a doppler. It works great outside, probably better outside than inside. You can put it in your golf bag take it with you to the course. You can get your numbers on the course. Fantastic for that.

Flightscope Mevo Plus

Flightscope Mevo Plus
Flightscope Mevo Plus
Price: $2,299.99 $1,999.99
Mevo+ provides golfers with 15 data parameters and features golf simulation & gamification options, as well as a built-in camera for sensor alignment.


Number three, no delay when you hit the ball. It’s going to come up on the screen, it’s going to be less than one second. So, it doesn’t have much of a delay at all. It’s really fantastic when it comes to that. Number four, there is no subscription. When it comes to the Mevo Plus, so you get five courses out of the box, 17 driving ranges out of the box with no subscription. It’s fantastic. And then number five, multiplayer. Multiplayer out of the box, no subscription, can’t do that with too many of the other ones, especially, at this price point. And you can play up to 8 players on that E6 platform. So, it’s fantastic when it comes to multiplayer.

Mevo+ Advantages SkyTrak Advantages
Easy to switch between righty/lefty Long battery life
Works well outside Putting and short game
Less delay for ball fight Product history
No subscription Smaller space requirement
Multiplayer Less chance of interference
No dots on the ball

When it comes to numbers on a SkyTrak, it’s very basic. It’s an entry-level launch monitor, starts at $1,995. If you get just the driving range, game improvement plan, comes with the metal case, skills challenges bag mapping, wedge matrix, long drive closest to the pin, it’s a $2,244.9 plan. The improved plan comes with the same stuff, and then you add the 12 single-player golf courses, that’s $2,344.99. So, it’s relatively affordable when it comes to launch monitors. Very accurate, you’re probably talking 95 – 96 percent as accurate as a TrackMan or a GC Quad.

SkyTrak Data

Numbers-wise, you’ve got obviously, your distance numbers, your carry, and your total, you’ve got your launch angle, backspin, ball speed. Those are the main things that this is going to read, and then your club speed, and then you have side spin, and side angle. Side angle is kind of your club path, and then on the right, you’ll see height descent, and then offline as well. So, it’s kind of the angles that your ball goes, how high it goes, what angle it comes down at. For an instructor, that’s kind of important to understand how the ball is flying. So, we can help you gain distance and stuff like that.

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus

Mevo Plus Data

The Mevo Plus is a doppler-based system. So, it’s a radar, and when that ball flies, it’s actually tracking the ball as it flies. And it’s tracking the spin and the speed, and it’s getting a lot of data as the ball flies. So, they’re really fantastic systems. Trackman’s probably the most popular launch monitor on PGA tour. It’s also a doppler, it’s got several of them and this has one. But it’s still a really good doppler, which is a great system for this indoor mode. You do have to put a little metallic dot on the ball that helps it track the spin and all that kind of stuff.

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus

So, it makes relatively accurate when it comes to the indoor stuff. It’s very accurate when it comes to numbers. You also get a ton of numbers, so you’ve got your clubs feeding, your ball speed, which a lot of these things are going to have anyway, your vertical launch angle, your spin, your spin axis which is the yaw of the ball or how the ball flies in the air lateral as far as. How far right or left, it is carry, it actually calculates the roll, gives you a number for that total. It also has an angle of attack which isn’t up on the screen. But it has an angle of attack which for an instructor is very important because that tells me what happens at the bottom. So, there’s a ton of data that comes out of this. There are some driver averages real quick to get an idea.

Skytrak And Mevo Plus Test

So, we’ll start with the ball speed. They’re very similar, Skytrak has the average ball speed at 151, Mevo has it at 153. Launch angle about the same 11.8 for the SkyTrak versus 12 for the Mevo. And then backspin, again very similar within 100 rpm. So, that’s really close lateral, is a little different. So, where the Skytrak has its 7 yards left, the Mevo has it 2.7 yards right as the average. And then carry, again very similar 240 versus 239.8. Again, I would focus on the carry and know that the carry is the same. And then clubhead speed is very close as well. Within 2 miles an hour of each other.

Driver Comparison Driver Comparison

And then smash factor 1.46 versus 1.44. So, you see in the numbers, that they’re very similar. If you go and check it out with the 7 iron, launch angle 17,3 versus 17,4. Backspin, I will say on the Mevo, I had one misread that was 937 on the spins where that shot on the SkyTrak was 5,300. So, that obviously messed up the average a little bit, there is lateral 2 yards right versus 1 yard right. So, a lot closer on a 7 iron than a driver. Carry distance 188 for the SkyTrak, 181 for the Mevo. Club speed is the same thing a little bit lower on the SkyTrak with 86 versus 92 on the Mevo.

If you look at these numbers, and compare these numbers, though you see there is a little bit more of a variation in some of these shots with the 7 iron where on the Mevo than there is on the SkyTrak. The SkyTrak seems to be a little more consistent with some of those numbers. The Mevo numbers are definitely a little closer to what I would expect to see, though and then sand wedge, launch angle the exact same number. Backspin very close within 200 RPMs lateral 5 versus 3.3, so very similar. Carry distance is dramatically different, 110 for the SkyTrak versus 121 for the Mevo.

Driver Comparison 7 Iron Comparison Sand Wedge Comparison

Clubhead speed that’s a big discrepancy as well, so 87.2 with Mevo would match up closer to a 92 with a 7 iron versus 79 with a SkyTrak, get a few discrepancies there. Obviously, the driver was very similar to seven iron. We had a couple of misreads with the Mevo and then sand wedge. I think I would probably go with the Mevo numbers on the sand wedge, to be honest, I think that the doppler obviously being in the air reads a little bit better than the photometric where you might actually be missing half the pictures with the SkyTrak, probably trust those wedge numbers just a little bit more on a Mevo.

Conclusion Skytrak VS Mevo Plus

So, after three rounds the cards are in, let’s do our reviews, and see how we scored SkyTrak. Good battery life, long history, no dots on the ball, works better for short game and putting, needs less space to get used inside, big deal when it comes to some people’s spaces. If you have a 10 x 14 room, you can use a SkyTrak, you couldn’t use a Mevo badge. For SkyTrak, you’ve got your subscriptions, you have to a subscription if you want to be able to play golf with the SkyTrak single player. If you want multi-player, you have to add software through SkyTrak, because they won’t let us sell that for them.

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus – Righty lefties, if you want to use righty and lefty, you have to move it back and forth across the hitting strip. The number four doesn’t work great outside, you can use it indoors very well. It’s going to be very good inside, if you take it outside, any sun that gets into that lens, it’s not going to work very well.

Mevo’s, let’s start with the goods. It’s a doppler based system. They tend to be a little bit more accurate than photometric because it’s going to track the ball the whole time. It comes multiplayer out of the box, up to eight players out of the box, five golf courses. Limited course list, but it’s multi-player right out of the box. You also don’t need a subscription to that. And then lastly, it’s very versatile. So, you can take it indoors, you can take it outdoors, works probably a little bit better outdoors than it does indoors. But it’ll still work and read. And you see that in the shot comparison, so bad for a Mevo.

You’ve got a battery life of 1.5 – 2 hours on game plates, not the best battery life in the world, it’s okay. You can leave it plugged in, you just have to make sure you start with a full charge, so it doesn’t run out quicker. Short game and putting, you have to one level for at least five feet after your hitting surface in order to make that work well. FlightScope also has to be on one level inside, it gets bothered by interference whether it’s ceiling fans stuff like that, any little distractions will distract that doppler from it,  okay.

Skytrak VS Mevo Plus – And then lastly, the floor projector that’s one of those interferences. We’re talking about if you have the projector on the floor that light comes out of that projector, will not allow it to read very well when it comes to putting in the short game as well. For me, personally, I’m going to call it a drop. I think it depends on your space. I think it depends on what your use is. I think it depends on how much versatility you need stuff like that.

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