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SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review – Today, we’re doing a review on the Skytrak launch monitor. This launch monitor is super popular and definitely one of our top sellers. Because of its awesome price point and reliability. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review

SkyTrak Price

The Skytrak comes in at just under two thousand dollars at one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. It does have the ability to connect to third-party apps. However, you do have to have the game improvement software which again is a hundred dollars per year.

SkyTrak Design

Let’s talk about the design of this launch monitor. It comes in at 5.75 inches in length, 6.75 inches in height, and it’s two and a half inches in width. It comes in at only 1.75 pounds, making it super lightweight and versatile for you to move it around wherever you need it. Overall, it’s a pretty simple design and the glass is the camera for the photometric system. Right above that is the laser. We have a power button and a micro USB port for charging.

SkyTrak Dimesion SkyTrak Laser

How does Skytrak work?

So, how exactly does Skytrak work? Well, when you start out, it’s going to project a laser on the turf. You’re going to put your ball exactly right there. So, it’s good every time, which makes it super user-friendly for you. Once you make contact with the ball, the cameras capture high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. Based on those images, the launch monitor will spit out all of the data.

Super simple right? Because of this technology, Skytrak sits right next to the ball. This is a huge bonus for people that do not have a lot of space in their indoor setup. So, since the ball has to be right next to the unit, some people are worried about the shank possibility. We try not to say that word too much, but because of this, we do sell a protective case for Skytrak. We do want to know if it does not work too well outdoors. So, we recommend people use it indoors. We don’t recommend it outdoors because the sun can interfere with the cameras inside, and it probably won’t pick up.

It is also rechargeable using a lithium-ion battery that can last up to five hours of use, and be recharged using the included micro USB charging cable. So, a question we get asked a lot is Skytrak is reliable? The short answer is yes. It is very reliable. This thing has been out for approximately six years and has been going strong to this day in 2022.

As I mentioned earlier in the pricing section, it does have the ability to connect to third-party apps. However, you do have to have the game improvement software which again is a hundred dollars per year. The Skytrak is compatible with IoS devices, and PCs. It is not compatible with a Macbook. So, really take into consideration that you can use it with your PC, your iPhone, or your iPad, but you can’t use a MacBook with your Skytrak.

SkyTrak Data Points

All right, let’s talk about data points. It includes ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin, and side angle. Using all those numbers, it can tell you the carry distance, roll, total distance, club head, speed angle of descent, and the distance offline. Because of its photometric system, it’s really capturing the ball data and not the club data.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Review – Downside

So, because of this, let’s go over what it does not cover. The data points not covered in the Skytrak are club path, face angle, face to path dynamic loft, attack angle, swing plane, swing direction, spin loft, and spin access. To be honest, a lot of these aren’t super necessary, unless you really like that. Really in-depth data, but for us, this type of data isn’t too big of a deal and not a deal-breaker when it comes to your launch monitor along with playing world-class courses.

There are a few more features to help you improve your golf game, like driving range, skills challenges, bag mapping, and even close to pin contest that you can have with your friends. Another main question we get about this unit is, about the delay after you hit. Once you hit your ball, there is about a two to three seconds delay before you see the ball flight on the screen. This is something to take into consideration. But a lot of people get used to it over time. There is a two to three seconds slight delay, but nothing too crazy, obviously. But definitely, something to point out when considering the Skytrak.

Final Thought

Overall, the Skytrak is an awesome launch monitor for the price of just under two thousand dollars. We see why it has received a ton of praise over the last six years.

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