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Review Mevo Plus

Review Mevo Plus

Review Mevo Plus – Today is a very good day because I am back home in Jacksonville, and this was waiting for me when I came home from Mexico. So, I’ve been having to wait to finally dive in and use the FlightScope Mevo Plus. This thing came out in January of last year, but Covid really slowed it down for a lot of people. I know the fulfillment time was like 3 – 4 months for some people, unfortunately, but thankfully, things are rolling out a lot quicker now, and better everything is kind of back to normal.

Review Mevo Plus

So, we’re gonna do that on a Mevo Plus today. First impressions, the box, the kit, it comes in is really awesome, really nice kind of safe, secure. You feel comfortable putting this in your golf bag then when you open it, your Mevo Plus feels solid in there. The unit itself is it doesn’t feel like a toy. This thing feels really substantial feels like you can really trust it, and then double it with that casing.

Review Mevo Plus Review Mevo Plus

Download FS golf app

And then you have all the kind of paperwork. You need to get set up, and for me, I already had an account because of my Mevo so super easy, just download the FS golf app, and you set up. Boom there you go, and you can kind of change your parameters. What data blocks do you want on your screen, superly customizable, change your clubs in your bag. The app is awesome, and then you have a QR code to get yourself on the E6 connect which is going to have practice modes courses.  All kinds of cool stuff that you can kind of have a sim, doing the same. We’re good on the phone, or on the iPad, for me, to do the iPad.

I’m going to take this outside, and just see how it performs, and just give my honest impressions about its usability. The interface, all of that stuff, and hopefully, help you make a decision if this is something you want to invest your money into. When it comes to really improving your game, and getting the most out of your practice.

Review Mevo Plus Review Mevo Plus

Review Mevo Plus: Outside

Okay, let’s test this out with like a little half 40 – 50 yarder, connect the device. So, got to connect the device smart, there we go, now we’re connected. Now, we’ll hit a few little. Okay, so you have to get wake radar, you got to get obviously your roll and your tilt. You gotta get your roll on your tilt, we go did that. Now, I’m good to go, my 60 degrees going to hit a few little wedges there. It spoke to me, and let’s just see what’s up,  carry is 87.1 yards. That’s really cool.


Mevo Plus Outside Mevo Plus Outside
Review Mevo Plus Review Mevo Plus

That was about right try to hit, this one is about 70 yards ready, carries 69.2 yards. 69.2 that was spot on. I don’t know why that second one didn’t pick up, but maybe I hit too soon. It’s giving me all the data I want. Let’s go a little further, carry is 90.5 yards, because they just go so high with wedges, launch 40 degrees. That’s pretty damn accurate though. So, let’s hit an 8 iron, now all you gotta do is change clubs, 7 iron ready, 8 iron, wait till she tells you, you’re ready.

Let’s see the range, there we go, you can change it to a range ball. That’s pretty ready, carry is 169.2 yards. Okay, I have this set to standard sea level, no weather adjustments, but what’s nice is it? It starts a new session with a new club, that’s pretty good. I don’t know why it keeps making me wake the radar. I have it on a 30 seconds timer, let’s turn that off. Okay, that’s probably why some of these aren’t reading.

Learning curve, you’re learning this with me, carry is 171.0 yards. Okay, these numbers maybe are juiced up just a little bit, but that could be the setting I have on carry is 167.7 yards. A little more accurate, all that data didn’t pick that one up. All right, let’s go to 3-wood. So, this is where like I said Mevo would get a little inconsistent with 3-woods and drivers. So, let’s see just how steady it is. Carry is 280.9 yards, pumping it, but let we can see some more data.

Review Mevo Plus Review Mevo Plus

Let’s get the data off, here we go, look at that scroll on up, that was pretty right. I mean, that was a bit of a draw, lots of left movement, go down the line, that’s pretty accurate there. Let’s do one more, carry is 282.9 yards. Let’s see if change local weather, let’s see how this changes the ball because I feel like having kind of it. Whatever that’s, maybe why they were juicing a little bit. So, let’s see what local weather does, carry is 281.0 yards, the super speed works been good.

Let’s go to the driver. So, as I’m just kind of scrolling through Mevo, I think it had like six data points on the screen, and then maybe 8 or 9 total, but like just scrolling through, there’s so much data. This is awesome. If I’m trying to change the weights a little bit on the driver, or maybe play with a different shaft, I can see everything I need to make the best decision. Let’s crack it, let’s see my clubhead speed’s at now, carry is 295.0 yards. That was pretty good, a total of 302 spins up a little bit, but that’s pretty accurate, carry is 284.2 yards. I tried to get up a little bit got the clubhead speed up, but the spin went through the roof. So, that’s spot on. Okay, we’ll do one more, and this is pretty great, carry is 292.1 yards.

Final Words

Review Mevo Plus – The first impression, this is amazing. This is like literally everything I need, and more I loved Mevo. A Mevo is still great for wedges, and for 500, it’s just so much bang for your buck. This is obviously a bit more of an investment, you get a lot out of it. Maybe, I don’t have the settings completely perfect, maybe that’s why some of the numbers were a bit high and carry with 3-wood, or maybe I’m just hitting. I’m hitting a little bit further. But that’s really great.

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Review Mevo Plus


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