TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators
TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators
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TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators



The Vista Series was created to not only give golfers precise biometric analyses but also develop mental toughness.

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TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators are designed to give you trust in your swing. Players that know how to flight, shape, and strike the ball in any condition, score better. The Vista Series was created to not only give golfers precise biometric analyses but also develop mental toughness.

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators

These golf simulators offer portable, durable, and affordable luxury for those who simply want to share some quality time with the family. But, our home golf simulators also serve as a unique teaching tool, for those who have a child with a growing interest in golf. Whether golf is recreation or passion, the TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator accommodates every need.

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators

Included In The Vista 10 Base Model:

  1. Complete Frame/Enclosure
  2. Premium Fairway Mat System
    • Dimensions: 4’L x 9’W
    • Mat Thickness: 3.5″
  3. TruGolf Level (1) Computer
  4. HD 720p Projector
  5. 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  6. 136″ Impact Screen
  7. 21″ Touchscreen Display
  8. TruTrack2 Tracking System
  9. Overhead Light Bar
  10. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  11. 27 Golf Course Library
  12. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  13. Vista 10 User Manual

Included In The Vista 10 Pro Model:

  1. Everything in the Base model
  2. TruGolf Level (2) Computer
  3. Portable Audio Speaker
  4. Side Nets
  5. Side Walls
  6. 1 Year Limited Warranty
  7. E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
  8. 27 Golf Course Library
  9. Vista 10 User Manual

TruGolf Vista 10 Features:

  • Bigger, Better, Brighter
  • High Definition Graphics
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Distinct and Functional Style
  • Up to 8 Player Simultaneous Multiplayer

Vista 10 Specs:

  • Minimum Space Requirements: 15′ W x 20′ D x 10′ H
  • Vista 10 Physical Dimensions: 10′ W x 15′ D x 8′ H
  • Diagonal Impact Screen: 136″
  • Touchscreen Display: 21″
  • Weight: 300 lbs

E6 Golf Simulation Software

1. E6 Golf Simulation Software Captures:

  • Launch Angle
  • Clubface Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Path
  • Deviation
  • Distance
  • Spin
  • Clubhead Speed

2. E6 Golf Simulation Software Features:

  • Various Time of Day Conditions
  • Five Tee Box Options
  • Course Elevation Options
  • In-Game Practice Modes
  • Boost Setting For Beginners
  • Gimme Distances and Automatic Scoring

TruGolf Vista 10 Space Requirements

Generally speaking, the TruGolf Vista 10 is able to fit into most larger-sized rooms. You will need a space with minimum dimensions of:

  • 15′ Width
  • 10′ Height
  • 20′ Depth

Make sure you can swing your club comfortably in your desired space, as you may need more than 10′ high ceilings if your swing requires it. You can always place your setup in a room or space that is larger than the minimum space requirements listed above. Please note, these are our recommended dimensions for a comfortable setup.

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4 reviews for TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulators

  1. Kevin K. (verified owner)

    Trugoolf Vista 10
    I purchased the Vista 10 simulator with the TruTrack 2 monitor and e6 software. I have been extremely pleased and I must say it has been incredibly accurate. The putting is not great like on most sims and I would definitely say the vista is not for a beginner. It doesn’t do the best job tracking muffs and fat shots. My aunt played on it and she has never played, I bet only half of her shots registered. However, I have been extremely pleased with it. Its tracked every shot I’ve taken with a wood or an iron. The putting is hit or miss. If your planning on getting one I would definitely suggest my same setup. I would also suggest you buy from Shop indoor if you plan on getting one because odds are you are going to need help with something and it’s tough to find support online for the simulators. That said, when you buy from shop indoor you have there incredible customer support department at your fingertips and I have to say personally they helped me with anything I asked them. There response time was usually within an hour or so. Very pleased with there customer support, thank you for helping me get my simutator and with getting it all set up.

    1 product
  2. Robert H (verified owner)

    Vista 10 Pro
    Fairly easy to set up with good directions. The computer hook up not so much, but eventually got it. Overall I think it is going to be great. Just got it going today. A little disappointed in the projector sharpness. I was expecting a little more high def. look. Kids and grandkids are going to love it!! That’s what it’s all about at my age! 🙂

    1 product
  3. Loren L (verified owner)

    Tru-golf 10 Vista purchase
    Great product as advertised. Responsive customer service. The simulator was easy to set up. Fantastic graphics and tracking system. Very happy with my purchase.

    1 product
  4. louis s (verified owner)

    Customer Service was extremely helpful and was very knowledgeable on all the products.

    1 product
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