Net Return Simulator Package
Net Return Simulator Package
$3,000.00 $2,495.00 View More Discount

Net Return Simulator Package

$3,000.00 $2,495.00

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Net Return Simulator Package gives you a simple package to turn your home or office into a golf practice facility. This simulator package comes with an easy to put together the frame, a super white HD high impact simulator screen, and side barriers to protect from errant shots. With this set up you can turn virtually any space into a golf simulator.

Net Return Simulator Package

Benefits of The Package

  • Super simple assembly with color-coded click button assembly everything snaps into place
  • Compact design fits virtually anywhere (8’10” tall, 8′ wide, 3’6″ deep)
  • Lightweight and strong frame made from 1.5″ aluminum tubular frame
  • Safe for any space – Made from high impact netting that can withstand ball speed of 225 MPH
  • Floating HD Screen – Provides crystal clear picture and is also very quiet and minimizes ball rebound
  • Included side barriers make for a safe environment from errant shots
  • Handmade in the U.S.


  • The Net Return Aluminum Frame (8′ wide, 8’10” tall, 3′ 6″ deep)
  • Nylon Simulator Screen
  • Side Netting for errant shots

NOT Included

  • Hitting Mat
  • Computer or cabling
  • Projector
  • Projector Mount Kit


  • Height: 8′ 10″
  • Width: 8′
  • Depth: 3′ 6″
  • Unit Weight: 58 lbs

What Projector should I buy?

With the Simulator Package, you can easily add a projector mount and projector. We recommend a 4:3 aspect ratio for this particular model because of the square screen. A 16:9 aspect ratio won’t look as good as they are made for more of a rectangular projection. The View Sonic ultra-short-throw projector. This projector is perfect for small spaces and will easily display on the simulator screen.

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Net Return


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