Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5
Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5
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Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5

$299.00 $269.00


Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5 from Cimarron Sports with retail value $299.00 and get extra low cost here. Grab your finest discount right here!

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Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5 – If you want to practice your golf game in the consolation of your house, you need a number of pieces of apparatus to do it properly. Of course, you’ll need a proper net that may forestall your ball from pinging off the partitions and leaving dents, but you’ll additionally need golf hitting the mat to ensure your club doesn’t hit the floor.

Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5

Thankfully, Golf Anytime carries different golf mats on the market, so you could have the power to put together a proper house golf practice set. We have driving range mats, golf chipping mats, and lots more, all of which pair properly with our net choice. Keep your floors secure and unscuffed with the assistance of Golf Anytime’s golf hitting mats on the market.

Golf Mat 5 x 5
Cimarron Premier Golf Mat 5 x 5
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The Cimarron Premier Golf Practice Mat is a 5′ x 5′ commercial grade woven nylon mat. These golf mats can be used indoors or outdoors and are guaranteed to last. You can place them on any surface to ensure you don’t mess up your lawn.

Bring Golf Practice Home

A simple set up of a golf practice net and golf mat allows you to practice Golf Anytime, in the comfort of your own home. By practicing consistent ball striking you are sure to bring your golf game to the next level. Now with a simple home set up, you can too!

Custom Sizes Available

Whether shopping for commercial or at home use we are available to produce the size you need for your space. Ask about commercial discounts! Simply email us to learn more.

Cimarron Premier Golf Mat Specifications

  • Width: 5′
  • Length: 5′
  • Thickness: 1.5″ thickness with 5/8″ closed cell ensolite backing (Nylon is approx. same thickness)

Cimarron Premier Golf Mat vs. Cimarron Ultimate

What’s the difference between the Cimarron Premier and the Cimarron Ultimate Golf Hitting Mats? These two golf mats are made out of the same material and the same thickness. However, the Cimarron Ultimate is slightly different dimensions and includes several different types of hitting surfaces. Both golf practice mats also include the same material on the hitting mat side. The Ultimate golf mat also includes the different hitting surfaces allowing you to realistically practice different lies at home.

Golf Equipments Sale

Find the Cimarron Ultimate here:

Fast and Free Shipping!

Every product purchased from Golf Anytime is always fast and free shipping! Making us the best value in at home golf practice equipment. All orders ship the same or next business day and most orders are fulfilled in 2-3 business days.

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