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10 ways to improve the accuracy

Optishot 2 Accuracy – 10 ways to improve the accuracy

Optishot 2 Accuracy – 10 ways to improve the accuracy – Today’s is about trying to get the most accurate readings from your Optishot, and I’m going to give you 10 different ways that you can go about adjusting your Optishot and adjusting the equipment that you use to improve your accuracy with your Optishot. We’re going to start out by giving you 5 ways that you can adjust your equipment, and then 5 ways you can adjust Optishot settings to help you become more accurate, and have a better experience with the Optishot 2.

Optishot 2 Accuracy – 10 ways to improve the accuracy

5 ways Equipment Adjustment – Optishot 2 Accuracy

1. Thicker turf

The first thing that I always talk about when I talk about getting more accurate readings for the Optishot is with the equipment that you use. The first thing that I would do is, I would get that thicker turf. I’ll put a link down below if they are still in stock, and I highly recommend it. By having the thicker turf, you’re just going to get a better feel. I think it gives better readings for the Optishot. You’re not going to have as many misses of hits, and it just feels more like golf. So, when it feels more like golf, it’s gonna be more accurate. And I really like the thicker turf, and I think that’s a great way to improve the accuracy of the Optishot 2.

Optishot 2 Accuracy Optishot 2 Accuracy


2. Lighting

The second thing that you need to think about, when you going about trying to get the Optishot 2 to be more accurate is the lighting. You really need good lighting right over the sensors. I take a floor lamp, and I put it right over the sensors, you know just use a regular bulb, and just get it pointed directly over the sensors, and I think that really helps. I also try to make sure that the rest of the room is dark so that the only thing that is really on the sensors is that light. So, lighting is very important to get an accurate reading from the Optishot 2.

3. Pick up the Swing Caddy

The third thing that I recommend if you really want to dial in the Optishot 2 to become really accurate is to pick up the swing caddy 200, and I know it’s an extra expense, and I talk a lot about the budget. The swing caddy 200 launch monitor, put it behind the Optishot, and what it’ll do is it’ll give you an accurate reading of your carry distance. Now, you can dial in your numbers for the Optishot and you can see, how you need to set your numbers for the Optishot. And I’ll talk about settings in a little bit like one of my other ways to improve the Optishot. But by focusing on the swing caddy, and using that as a tool to dial in your numbers for your Optishot, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the Optishot 2.

Optishot 2 Accuracy Optishot 2 Accuracy

4. Tape Club

Another option that I heard a lot of people do improve the accuracy of the Optishot 2, especially with their driver is to tape it. Anytime you have a black bottom on your driver or something, that’s going to reflect, the Optishot sensors don’t really pick it up. So, a lot of people will take masking tape, or some non-reflective tape, and tape their clubs. Some people will even tape their irons. I’ve never had to do that. I don’t really want to do that because I try to use my real clubs that I hit on the course. But, if you’re having trouble getting the Optishot 2 to be really accurate especially with your driver, really highly recommend taping. There’s a bunch of videos on there about how to go about just kind of taping the bottom of your club to help you be more accurate with the Optishot 2.

Club Selection

5. Club Selection

Now, if all else fails, the fifth way to improve the accuracy of the Optishot 2 is what I do a lot of times, especially, if my driver, I’m having trouble with my driver which I do a lot of times, I’ll have trouble getting an accurate reading from my driver, I will take and I will either hit like a 3-wood or a hybrid and use the driver setting on the Optishot. And I feel that it just really gives me an accurate reading. If it all else fails, use an iron and hit off the T using the driver setting on the Optishot. It’ll still go as far you’ll get a better reading, in terms of the clubface, angle and swing path, and those types of things. And if you’re having trouble getting that good reading on your driver, that’s the last-ditch effort that sometimes I’ll do.

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5 ways Setting Adjustment

6. Calibrate

Now, let’s talk about the settings, and how you can adjust the settings to improve the accuracy of the Optishot 2. The first thing I would do and number six on our list is to calibrate. Make sure you calibrate your clubs, take time to do it correctly, get the correct distance or angle, you know it’s 10, and really focus on getting all your clubs, all of them calibrated. Once you have them calibrated, that’s going to really dial in the accuracy of the Optishot 2.

7. Offset setting

The seventh way to uh improve the accuracy of the Optishot 2 using the settings is to use the offset setting. Each club will have a space, if you go into managing your clubs, and edit your clubs, you can change the offset that is how much it is closed or open to start and so. Some clubs are more close, some clubs are more open. In fact, in today’s clubs, you can actually adjust that and so adjust that with the Optishot. Change it, if you’re seeing a lot of slices with your shots, and it doesn’t seem to be very accurate, adjust the offset a little bit. It said that if you calibrate, you don’t need to do that, but try it out to test. Test out the offset, and switch around with those, and see how they work to help you improve your accuracy.

Setting Adjustment Setting Adjustment

8. Adjust the distance

Number eight on our list is one of the most important ones with the settings. It’s to adjust your distance and swing speed settings the percentage. It uses starts out at 100, you can adjust it either lower or higher depending on what you want to get out of. If you think your distances are shorter, this works great with distance. I think, your distance is shorter, adjust the percentage to be a little bit higher. I like to focus more on the distance adjustment than the swing speed adjustment. But play around with them, I try to keep those the same.

You can play around with that, and what works best. Especially, if you use one of my other ideas of using the swing caddy to know your distance, your exact carry distance, that’s really helpful. So, take that and then hit a bunch of balls, and adjust the distances or the swing speed. Accordingly, I found that with my irons, especially, my short irons, I like to adjust to about 105 percent, and with the longer irons and drivers, I like to lower it down to 90 percent. I think that it is an aftershock. actually over exaggerates or calculates I should say.

9. Wind settings

Number nine is a way to improve your accuracy is to turn off some of the settings that are in there, such as the wind. Try to get the wind, so that it is not affecting your shots as much. Because it does affect the shots. You can see that the wind has a factor in your shots, and you may want to turn that off. Also, they have settings to penalize out of the rough. If you’re finding that, you’re either hitting too far or too short out of the rough, adjust that setting in the Optishot settings. So, that’s a great way to improve your accuracy.

Setting Adjustment Setting Adjustment

10. Putting Options

All right, and our 10th way to improve your accuracy using the settings here is, what I like to do is, I do not like to putt on the option. I don’t think the putting on the Optishot is very accurate. I think that by allowing the computer to randomly do it based on the distance that you are from the hole. I think that becomes more accurate. I miss a lot of putts that I think I should make, and I make some putts that I probably shouldn’t. So, I think that the computer does a good job, the software does a good job of kind of estimating what golfers would do on the course from certain distances. So, what I do is, I set my distance to 90 feet, and basically, what that does is anytime it’s on the green. It’s going to estimate my putts and calculate my putts for me. I don’t have to think that the putting is just not very accurate. So, by doing that, I think I’m going to have more fun, and have a more accurate round of golf on the Optishot than by actually putting. So, that’s up to you.

Optishot 2 Accuracy

Final Words

That’s the 10th way that I like to adjust the Optishot to be more accurate. Okay, golfers, there are 10 ways to improve the accuracy of the Optishot 2. There are many more, I’m sure if you know of any please post them down in the comments below to help everybody try to get the best out of their Optishot 2.

I’ve given you five that are kind of equipment things, and then five that are actually the settings in the Optishot. So, I hope that helps. I know we’re all striving to get the most accurate settings for this budget simulator. The Optishot 2 is a great simulator, and I think it’s super accurate in terms of certain stats, such as clubface, angle, and swing path. But it can be more accurate and we’re always looking to improve that.

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