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How to setup SkyTrak launch monitor

How to setup SkyTrak launch monitor

How to setup SkyTrak launch monitor – Next after unboxing your SkyTrak launch monitor, we wouldn’t recommend trying to use it straight out of the box. After all, it is an electronic device and will need some power, find the charging block and USB to micro USB charging cable and plug it into a power outlet, then place the other end of the USB cable into the launch monitor and start charging your SkyTrak.

How to setup SkyTrak launch monitor

The bottom led light will illuminate, yellow indicating that the unit is charging, is suggested to charge the launch monitor for at least six hours prior to using it for the first time. When the led lights turn off that means your launch monitor is ready for use. The SkyTrak lithium polymer rechargeable battery can operate for up to five hours on a full charge. Be sure to keep track of your SkyTrak launch monitor’s charge level.

How to setup SkyTrak launch monitor How to setup SkyTrak launch monitor

How to setup SkyTrak

If the battery is fully drained, it can reduce the long-term battery life. If you see three red led lights that means the battery is critically low and should be charged immediately to avoid the battery getting low. Use the USB to micro USB cable to connect your SkyTrak launch monitor to your computer, or to a power outlet that will send a constant charge to the unit.

1. Download SkyTrak App

You will want to download the SkyTrak app from the apple app store google play store, or the company’s website.  Since we’re connecting to a pc, we’ll head to the SkyTrak website and click on the downloads tab at the top, then we will scroll down and select the 64-bit download and a window will pop up asking us where to save the file. Choose where you want the file saved and download it. After the download is finished, right-click on the download and select show in folder. This brings up a window to where you have just saved the file. Click the application file to start the installation.

Download SkyTrak App Download SkyTrak App

It will prompt you to choose where you want to save the application, select your desired destination and click ok. This Microsoft Visual C++ window may show up, and if it does, simply click close after the application is installed. Click finish and the SkyTrak application will boot up.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator

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SkyTrak Golf Simulator
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The SkyTrak is among the most accurate launch monitors available to everyday golfers. Head to head studies shows SkyTrak is 98% as accurate as of the Trackman, at a fraction of the cost.


2. Using SkyTrak App

This is where you’ll be asked to create a user profile, fill out the form to proceed to log in. Once you log in, it will begin searching for a connection to your SkyTrak. If you are using wi-fi, you will need to disconnect from your current wi-fi connection and select the SkyTrak wi-fi connection. Once it becomes discoverable, make sure you have your SkyTrak. During this process, your SkyTrak will have a direct connection to your computer through wi-fi.

If you wish, you can then connect your SkyTrak in network mode by clicking the direct mode icon on the home screen. Choosing network mode, and selecting network setup wizard, then follow the instructions by entering your network name, and supplying your network password. Once you’ve created your account, select the profile menu from the upper right corner. Choose about, choose register, your device select yes, register my device after receiving confirmation that your device has been registered.  Choose done.

Using SkyTrak App Using SkyTrak App

All three led lights will turn green and the red laser dot will appear on your hitting surface, telling you that your SkyTrak has been connected with the software on your device. One of the best features of the SkyTrak launch monitor is, it has the simplest method of ball placement. Just place the ball exactly where the red light laser is pointing and hit your shot. We highly recommend purchasing this protective metal case that’s sold with a SkyTrak.

The unit sits quite close to your ball, you’ll want to protect your SkyTrak, should you have a bad swing, follow these tips to make sure your shot is read correctly. Make sure the SkyTrak is level with a hitting surface, place the SkyTrak exactly parallel to the line your ball will be traveling on which would be perpendicular to the screen use. The recommended laser distance of 12 inches for optimal spin data readings, place the logo of the golf ball directly towards the SkyTrak lens for hitting.

Some other tips

How to setup SkyTrak – Here are some other tips for those of you using the SkyTrak outdoors, although the SkyTrak is able to perform well in sunlight,  we suggest keeping direct sunlight from hitting the lens of the launch monitor to experience more accurate results. Real golf balls can and should be used with your SkyTrak launch monitor. Use a clean white golf ball with a logo, or some kind of line in order to get the optimal readings of the projected ball flight. If you’re going to use the SkyTrak outside, be sure to line up your unit at the directed target, or parallel to your intended ball flight.

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