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How Accurate Are Golf Simulators

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators? I take my SkyTrak launch monitor to the driving range to test just how accurate it is compared to the real-life shots that I’m hitting. So, first of all, I needed to align the SkyTrak correctly, which is a little more difficult on the driving range than inside your home golf simulator. I first got the SkyTrak to the same height as the hitting surface, and I did this using an alignment stick, and then I could level out the unit using the bubble on top of the SkyTrak.

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

And I also made sure that it was level within the software too. Once the unit was level, I chose a spot on the driving range that was going to be my centerline, and I placed a golf ball on that line, a few meters in front of my unit. I hit a couple of chip shots over that ball to make sure that it was aligned correctly. And once the SkyTrak was reading shots accurately, I was ready to go.

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The SkyTrak is among the most accurate launch monitors available to everyday golfers. Head to head studies shows SkyTrak is 98% as accurate as of the Trackman, at a fraction of the cost.

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

So, I started by hitting five shots with my pitching words, which I know, I usually carry it 120 to 130 yards. I’m not good enough to dial my wedges into within a couple of yards yet. As you can see, the SkyTrak is accurately picking up these carry distances as well as that terrible pull draw shot shape that I’m hitting too. The SkyTrak also accurately picked up the one push shot that I hit. So far it’s a good start.

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators

After five successful reads with a wedge, I changed clubs to a seven7 iron to test how the SkyTrak would respond to a lower lofting club.  I know that my 7 iron carry distance is around 160 to 170 yards. So, again the SkyTrak is reading the carry distances pretty accurately, of course, it also picked up the fact that four out of these five shots were stinking hooks. So, well done SkyTrak.

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators

After putting SkyTrak to the test with a wedge, and a mid-iron, it was only right that I hit five shots with the big stick. I had to reposition and realign the SkyTrak for this. As I was putting the ball onto a tee that was in a fixed position on the map. And as you can see, I had the T a couple of inches behind the SkyTrak laser dot which is the best position. So, that the unit can read driver shots, the SkyTrak picked up the first shot with the driver really well, the trajectory and the direction were pretty much spot on, and so was the carry distance.

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators

However, the second shot with the driver was a massive misread. The SkyTrak showed the ball flying pretty much down the center of the fairway. But, in fact, I hit a huge slice on the driving range, and after that, I noticed that the SkyTrak was picking up the shot shape kind of accurately. It wasn’t exactly the same as real life, not quite, like the pitching wedge and the 7 iron. Anyway, I feel this might have something to do with me having to realign and reposition the sky track after hitting my iron shots.


Well, the fifth and final shot tracked well, in terms of the low ball flight. But there was a bit of a slice in real life, and the SkyTrak showed it as pretty much a dead straight shot. So, the results are pretty impressive, SkyTrak really does accurately record how your shots will perform in real life, which I guess is a little bit of peace of mind for some equipment that costs 2,000 dollars. Okay, so the driver ball flight wasn’t quite as accurate as of the 7 iron and the wedge, but I do put that down to me having to realign and readjust the unit. Overall, How Accurate Are Golf Simulators? I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. If you’re interested in buying a SkyTrak launch monitor of your own then there’s a link below.

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