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ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review – Today we’re back with another exciting article. I’ve had a lot of people ask me about earnest sports all right specifically their newer model called the ES Tour plus. This unit, the ES Tour plus has an MSRP of twenty-seven hundred dollars. We want to talk about the technology that they’re bringing to the table with this device.

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review

I want to show you some demonstrations. Talk about how it works, the different functions, and things you should know about. First, we’re gonna start off with an unboxing, like we always do, we have the unit fresh in the package, haven’t even opened it up. Let’s do an unboxing, take a look at it. We’ll get it set up, we’ll talk about the technology, and give you some first demonstrations, and a first look at the Ernest Sports, ES Tour plus.

ES Tour Plus Inside the box

So, let’s go ahead, and open this up. Generally, everybody kind of starts with a budget, and then also starts with their environment and space. Those are the two things I always recommend. I recommend you, look at the size of your space, and what will work inside of it. And then what your budget’s going to allow. And it may not just be the launch monitor, it may be other things that you’re looking to get, whether it be a screen, or a projector, or turf. Those are all things that you need to incorporate inside of that budget that you’ll be able to fit in.

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review


Okay, so here we are, we’ve got some nice bubble wrap, looks like the unit is in a similar-sized box inside of the outer box. So, we’ll get that off to the side here, shouldn’t need our scissors, I don’t think anymore. Let’s see how this opens up here, looks like opens up from the front. So, a couple of things I’ll mention right out of the gate that I’ve learned about the company, this is a U.S built company or product, I should say so US-based company, US-built product. It’s actually veteran-owned, they’re proud of that, I think that’s cool. So,  something just to note. So, right on the front here, I can already see what I was going to bring up.

ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor
Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor
Price: $2,700.00
For the first time, quad Doppler radar and dual photometric cameras have been combined into one launch monitor. The ES Tour Plus provides data on swing and ball flight and has full golf simulation capability.

How does ES Tour Plus work?

So, this is for the first time quad doppler radar, and dual photometric cameras in the ES tour plus. That’s the technology that they’re using now. I will also let you know that it has a microphone, it’s a sound activation that fires those cameras and the quad doppler radar. That is the way technology works is. It uses that microphone to sense that impact, and that’s when it’s snapshotting, pictures data that it’s reading, etc. Here’s the unit itself, I’ll kind of bring that up close to the camera to give you just kind of a good view of, whatever, we’re looking at. On the unit side, you can see there’s your quad doppler, microphone down here at the bottom,  cameras that actually operate with an undetectable flash as well, has a power plug in the back, and also has a USB plug-in the back.

ES Front View

The built-in stand power button on the front. I’ll show you how this operates later, but you can do manual club selection, or you can select inside of an app that’s actually included. And there’s a little led indicator where you will line the ball up. Now, I’ve made some notes here, because I’ve talked to the technical team to understand how a product works. And so basically, there is a series of events that takes place they recommend that you use a ball with a nice clean logo. That is straight, they don’t want a big curved logo.

I believe they use Callaway as an example that has a big curve because what happens is okay when the ball is placed in the camera’s view. The camera reads the logo and draws a line from the beginning of the front to the end, and that’s when you see that green light from there. The doppler radar on the backside is what captures club speed, and then the microphone picks up contact, and that’s what triggers those dual high-speed cameras that’s what I was talking about before. The processor measures, they say it measures, it does not calculate the ball spin using the line movement.

So, that line that it drew on the logo, that’s how it’s measuring that ball spin, and then it measures the differential 3D location of the ball, and takes the delta of the two, to determine the direction. Doppler radar on the downrange is what picks up the speed of the ball. So I thought, that was really good information, that’s why I wanted to get it all kind of. That’s really the operation that’s taking place of the unit, and how it’s getting its data.

So, let’s just look in the rest of the box here, some foam padding that was used to package, the unit up, and let’s open up this red packaging here. I always like opening up everything fresh, it shows you exactly how the unit’s going to arrive. So, that’s your power adapter, and then there is a calibration kit that’s included. And I can open up that calibration kit now and show you what’s included in that, and then I will proceed to look at everything inside.

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor unboxing

The setup procedure

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review – I’ll show you guys the setup procedure. So, you can see, there’s like a calibration chart, and then setup instructions. Looks like a 15 step process that will go through. So, let me get everything organized here. We’ll get it all set up, and running. I’ll install the software which I haven’t installed yet, and I’ll show you guys the calibration process and we’ll hit some first shots.

We have the Ernest Sports ES tour plus all calibrated, and ready to go. I want to talk to you about the calibration process really quickly. I figured I wouldn’t go ahead and show it on video because it does take just a few minutes, and I try to keep the videos a reasonable length. So, I’ll tell you how it works real quick.

  1. You set that calibration mat flat on the ground, it actually has an outline for the unit to set right on. So, you know where to put it.
  2. There are two T positions, they include a little black T position number, one goes through 20 steps, it takes about one minute, and then you have a T position number two, it does another 20 steps, easy to use with the buttons right on the screen.
  3. And also has, I should say buttons on the unit, and then it also has a built-in screen, and they want to make sure, you have the unit nice and level, and it doesn’t move.

Once it’s calibrated, and I’d hit a couple of test shots, and everything seems to be good. I’ll point out a few things that you probably want to know about. This unit has integration with both TGC 2019 and also E6 connect golf simulation software. So, if you’re looking for something a little more than the included ES golf app that I’m going to show you, those integrations are available.

Okay, a couple of other things I was going to point out in the unit. That’s microphone-activated something that you’re going to want to maybe talk to Ernest Sports about, depending on your environment, you don’t want to have anything loud going on. It could interfere with the microphone. So, just understand, how the unit operates. I have it plugged in currently, but there is a battery. I think it’s almost charged.

Now, I was at like 90, I think it’s at like 97. It indicates that in the upper right and then also Bluetooth connection, that’s how I’ve connected to the windows app. Now, it’s also available for mobile devices, you can check that out, very simple to install the app, and then as far as Bluetooth connection, you just go into your Bluetooth settings, search for the device, it shows up, hit connect, it connected, no problem.  And now, we’re good to go. Let’s go ahead, and show you a couple of shots.

Let’s just go ahead and use a guest account. It takes us out to the range. We can go ahead. I’m using my touch screen, it works really well on my touch screen. I’m just going to select 9-iron, and then I’m going to select hole, and that’s going to allow me to select a distance, I’m going to select 145 which is like an average distance for my 9 iron. It obviously takes me a little closer to the hole which is nice.

ES Tour Plus Guest Account

ES Tour Plus Demo

If you look in the upper right, you’ll see those green links that mean I’m connecting. The units are ready. I just have to lay my ball down, and I’ll have a green led that’s indicated on the unit, but you see, all my data points. The only ones that are covered up by the swing camera are ball height and land angle. I’ll read those off to you. Let’s just go ahead and fire off a few shots, so you can understand how the unit works.

You want to take your logo, I’m using a title pro v1 that straight logo, no curved logos, or anything. This is something that you have to understand. This is how this unit operates, you take the logo, and you put it about one ball behind the unit with the logo facing the unit, and that’s when it draws that line, and you get a green LED only takes a few seconds for it to recognize it, and then now we’re good to go.

Ball position

See if I can fire off a decent nine iron for you, should be a pretty decent shot, a little off to the right. I’ve been trying to keep my clubface a little open, 144. So, a pretty spot on for my 9 iron clubface 1.3 degrees, club path  0.4 degrees, so my face path was 0.9, attack angle negative 3.2, club speed 83, ball 107.5, smash factor 1.3, launch angle 23.6, launch direction 1.1, spin rate 8540, spin access 1.3, ball height of 94, land angle 47.3.

ES Tour Plus Demo

Now, I’m generally a little into out, so to see my club path 0.4 either I’m swinging really good, or it’s possible that the club path has just a little variance versus what I normally swing now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working on my club path, and trying to get it straightened out. It’s been getting better and better, that was a good contact there, see what we can do another decent shot.

Look at that one, club path of negative 1.1, carry distance 143, club speed 79, ball speed 104, spin rate 7741. So, let’s do this, I’m going to try to pull a ball because I push both of those because I want to be able to demonstrate that it can read that face and path, and show you the proper ball flight.

You can watch the video for further demo and information.

ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor
Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor
Price: $2,700.00
For the first time, quad Doppler radar and dual photometric cameras have been combined into one launch monitor. The ES Tour Plus provides data on swing and ball flight and has full golf simulation capability.

Final Words ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review

ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor Review – There are several things, like I said, that you need to pay attention to with the Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus. That’s that microphone activation, the calibration obviously is important, Bluetooth capability that connection. If you have Bluetooth on your computer, it’s easy to use but I definitely want to bring more to the table here. Soon, I want to do some more testing, I’ll try to do some comparisons, that way we have something to put this against, and you can get a little better idea of what’s going on.


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