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Effective Golf Swing Exercise

Effective Golf Swing Exercise

Effective Golf Swing Exercise – There are many types of effective golf swing exercises. Golf swing exercise is very important because the golf swing is at the very heart of the golf game. It is actually impossible to play a good game of golf without being able to execute an effective golf swing.

Effective Golf Swing Exercise

The other reason why golf swing exercise is so important is the fact that a golf swing by its’ very nature is a very unnatural and awkward movement of the body and muscles. It, therefore, stands to reason that the body will usually resist the golf swing action and this is why it appears to be so difficult to master.

However, when you use golf swing exercises to strengthen and condition the relevant muscles, the golf swing becomes less awkward for the body.

Effective Golf Swing Exercise

Let us now take a closer look at the movements involved in a golf swing so that we come up with the most effective golf swing exercise that will impact most dramatically the quality of your game.

The golf swing is actually a turn back and turns through. Most of the movement is pure rotation. This means doing golf swing exercises like a seated twist and holding a dumbbell straight out in front of you is a very effective exercise in strengthening and conditioning the muscles used in the golf swing.

Be careful not to use very heavy weights in this golf swing exercise. 3-5 pound dumbbells are ideal. Remember that a golf club is not heavy; in fact, it weighs less than a pound.

Repeat this golf swing exercise as many times as you can within a 30-minute session without straining yourself. Do remember to warm up before you begin the session and also to warm down when you are through.

Warming up ensures that you do not start with your muscles cold. Stretches involving the muscles that you are going to use can also be extremely useful before you go into this golf swing exercise.

Effective Golf Swing Exercise With Golf Simulator


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