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Trackman Vs Skytrak: Golf Launch Monitor Challenge – So, nowadays golf has one kind of as much information even in their practice as possible to help you to become a more consistent golfer, and the more accurate your feedback. The easier it is to kind of stick with the right thing or change something to […]

TruGolf Home Swing Studio Comparison

TruGolf Home Swing Studio Comparison – Hi everyone, Jared here from golf at home. In this video, I’m going to take you through the differences between the Trugolf home swing studio and the Phigolf WGT edition. They are a little bit different in pricing with the Trugolf being a little bit more expensive, but I’m […]

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Depth Review

SkyTrak Launch Monitor Depth Review – Hi everyone, so I thought, I’d do a bit of a review of the SkyTrak launch monitor. So, with the SkyTrak refused now for two and a half years. We’ve given a lot of golf lessons on it, and overall the performance of it. It’s actually been really good […]

Skytrak on the Golf Range (Driver + Irons)

Skytrak on the Golf Range – Today, we’re out here with the Skytrak. We’re testing outdoors. I wanted to get some readings for myself, because I’ve been hitting this indoors for the past three months or so, and I think it’s accurate. I go outside and I play around. Skytrak on the Golf Range My […]

Skytrak Top Features

Skytrak top features – Today, I’m going to show you how the Skytrak will improve your golf game. Let’s get started, okay the first thing is kind of obvious, the Skytrak will improve the ball striking. Since you’re gonna be hitting a lot of shots with it, and the more shots you hit, the better […]

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